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TSG® Official response to the Crime Bodge Blog.

The Crime Bodge critique ‘TSG – The Unscrupulous Security Company that Pretends to be the Police’ wholly misunderstands the company’s makeup and mission statement and we hope this response will paint the proper picture.

TSG® is a well-organised, highly trained resource for organisations, working alongside traditional security teams and, occasionally, the police. All our officers are clearly identifiable as representing TSG®, with a plastic wallet on the front of our armour to clearly display our SIA Licenses.

Our uniform is smart and provides protection to our staff. The uniforms we wear can be seen on the TSG® site They are not the same as those shown in the Crime Bodge article.

We take the safety of our officers seriously and issue them with high Vis body armour, it is smart and provides the protection we need, and it also incorporates a video camera. All TSG® operations are recorded to ensure best practice.

Furthermore, the image of the vehicle chosen to use in the Crime Bodge article, which displays a ‘crest’, is no longer in use. And audio/blue lights are only ever used in what are essentially private places and under strict guidelines.

Under Section 90 of the Police Act 1990, attempting to impersonate a police constable is an offence if there is proven attempt to ‘deceive’. TSG® uniform makes it very clear that we are not the police. We maintain our own integrity and identity.

The word ‘policing’ is descriptive and differentiates the TSG® role from traditional security teams. At no time do our teams ‘patrol the streets’ or ‘shopping centres’ as the Crime Bodge article suggests.

The Crime Bodge article is correct that, as ‘citizens’, TSG® officers have the power to protect themselves, others, property and to prevent or stop a breach of the peace. Hopefully those reading this will agree that this is relied upon by police constables countrywide to justify some of their actions.

The article is also correct that as ‘citizens’ TSG® officers can arrest where necessary and if certain criteria apply, according to section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

The same section gives constables some of their powers to arrest persons committing or suspected of having committed certain offences. As such, TSG® officers are able to stop people committing assaults, thefts, criminal damage and a number of other offences.

Contrary to the Crime Bodge article statement, however, TSG® officers can also be empowered to search, detain and eject persons under the conditions of entry to a specific event or location.

The word ‘Police’ Used as an adjective, or a verb, it implies:

• Having the duty of maintaining law and order in or at an area or event
• An organisation or body engaged in the enforcement of official regulations in a specified domain
• The capacity to enforce regulations or an agreement in (a particular area or domain).

The word ‘policing’ is not part of the TSG® trademark or name. It is an element of our web address and emails, however, and is used, again descriptively, to distinguish the TSG® role when promoting the company to target.

The Metropolitan Police Territorial Support Group has no legal right to the exclusive use of the ‘TSG’ brand. A company is unable to register a trade mark/name that describes its services, which prohibits us from using ‘Tactical Support Group’ or ‘policing’. So we protected our mark ‘TSG’ through the Intellectual Property Office.

We take on board the points you have made about our site’s FAQs and if they have caused confusion, we will review the content.

For more information on TSG® please contact the team here or call 03450 558 905.

Kind regards,

Success for TSG® at Event Production Show 2016

It’s been a great start to the year for TSG® reaching out to the event industry at Olympia. Some iconic events made a point of visiting the stand to find out more about the specialist organisation.

TSG® Policing returned to the Event Production Show after its formal launch at the 2015 edition. Founder/Managing Director David Boswell, part of an Event Security Post-Paris panel on day two, said the show had delivered on its considerable promises. “The TSG® stand was very dynamic, right next to the bar, and we had really good meetings with organisers, clients and local authorities, so I have booked the same space for next year,” Boswell explained. “The panel was productive too. Everyone in the room learned a great deal about how the event security model has adapted after the Bataclan attack.”

Ex Police Superintendent joins TSG®

Police endorsement doesn’t get closer than this. Kevin is one of the many senior police figures who now work within the TSG® senior management team, entrusting their credibility to TSG® brand.

Ex-police chief joins TSG

TSG Policing has recruited former Avon & Somerset and Metropolitan Police Superintendent, Kevin Instance, as a Task Commander.

Trained, and staffed, by ex-officers, TSG has brought cost-effective and well equipped policing back into the equation for events of all sizes. And with 30 years in the force, focused on specialist operations, public order and events,
Kevin Instance is perfectly suited to the job.

At Avon & Somerset, Instance was a Gold and Silver firearms and public order commander. He oversaw policing at the likes of international cricket matches, Glastonbury Festival and Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, as well as
leading the UK police delegation for England football matches overseas.

In his role with TSG, Instance is tasked with assessing risk and making sure the right resources from the company are properly deployed at events.

Kevin Instance comments: “The police are finding it more difficult to devote resources to events and TSG is doing a really good job at filling that gap. I did my research, found out about its methods and its ambitions, and I was invited to a training day. I saw the rigour with which staff are recruited, trained and prepared first hand. I was impressed with the quality of the candidates,
ex-cops and other law enforcement professionals, adapting to the world of security, and I wanted to be involved.

“TSG bridges the gap between traditional security and the police. It’s a group of people who understand the confines of the powers they have while on an event site and how to put that into effect to keep the public safe. With police resources at a premium, and very expensive, TSG is a realistic, professional alternative for event organisers.”

David Boswell, Managing Director at TSG Policing, says: “Kevin’s wealth of experience as a senior police officer, looking at event safety, assessing safety officers and stewards and raising standards, is an absolute fit with TSG. I’m delighted to have him on the team.”

Redefining event security post-Paris attacks

Having sent shockwaves through the world TSG® speaks out about the Paris attacks. Multi-agency working has never been more important, and TSG® will be a significant part of the safety plans.

The terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday left deep scars across the city and will have a significant impact on British events’ outlook, and budgets, too.

Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed that security is to be ‘intensified’ at events in major cities and the England vs France friendly at Wembley was a perfect first example, armed police bringing reassurance to a telling show of unity in the face of extremism.

David Boswell, Managing Director of TSG Policing, suggests the solution for the greater event model should be multi-agency, so costs can be contained while all parties play to their strengths.

“The Paris incidents showed a horrific disregard for human life and the values we as a nation stand for,” Boswell says. “Letting the public know they are safe at events is the priority now, highlighting the fact that these are not soft targets for terrorists. TSG can play a significant role to that end, alongside traditional security companies, the police and event organisers. Together we can meet the new expectation.”

TSG resources are practiced in responding to major incidents. The company has a counter terrorism element to its training and development courses, which covers the signs and profile of suspected suicide bombers and related matters.

The senior management team that co-ordinates TSG operatives on site are experienced police commanders who have covered Bronze, Silver and Gold positions in their careers. That expertise can offer substantial support to the overall security detail and provide valuable advice in the event of an incident.

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