About Us

Interforce operatives are trained and equipped in functions traditionally the preserve of police officers, acting independently or as part of a multi-agency solution.

About Us

Interforce operatives are trained and equipped in functions traditionally the preserve of police officers, acting independently or as part of a multi-agency solution.

What is Interforce?

Interforce is a security and enforcement specialist. The organisation provides a range of services to maximise public safety and crime prevention, from consultancy at executive level to trained front-line officers on the ground.

Interforce, a trading name of Definitive PSA Ltd has been developed over many years. Its work force is made up of front-line professionals and senior executives from law enforcement, armed forces and associated agencies.

Unlike conventional security, Interforce officers are trained and equipped to a greater level of operational readiness, purposely designed to mitigate the risk of, and respond to, crime, anti-social behaviour and disorder.

Interforce Purpose

Interforce offers strategic and flexible solutions to our client’s with a common goal, to keep people safe and maintain high levels of security. Our experienced, trained and accredited uniformed officers will support you and your partners ensuring a collaborative approach to increase resilience and enhance capabilities on the ground, preventing, patrolling and reassuring, responding, safeguarding and providing specialist advice to the following;

  • Events/ Venues and Music Festivals
  • Stadia
  • Public Attractions
  • Communities/ Parks/ Spaces
  • Town Centre Schemes/ Night Economy
  • Transport Hubs and Links
  • Shopping Centres

Deployment methods at Interforce will vary, each designed and adapted to meet client requirements. Whatever the task our roles and responsibilities remain the same.

“Interforce officers on patrol is an excellent approach, and their response ability to incidents with proficient management on their level is rarely seen.”

Why Interforce?

If you have responsibility for safety and security we encourage you to contact us and explore talks with our executive teams. Direct from senior law enforcement positing’s and with operational experience, they are well placed to advise you on how Interforce can build greater resilience into your plans and enhance capability on the ground.

Our specialist training that exceeds security industry standard and is aligned to the police, qualifies Interforce officers to respond to and manage matters which normal security staff are not trained or equipped to undertake. It’s our tactical training and standards that put’s Interforce as a true leader when it comes to the management of dynamic risks.

Whether you are looking to support existing security arrangements, reduce police numbers and costs or develop a new approach, Interforce has the flexibility, experience and skill to deliver high standards of public safety and crime prevention.

Trained to be Different

Interforce officers are fully versed in methods of law enforcement, tactics and responsibilities. Key differences are evidenced through its recruitment and training. There is a thorough process and criteria to meet to become an Interforce officer.

Interforce is recognised as a leading platform for professionals to transfer their skills to. Recruitment therefore naturally attracts individuals from law enforcement, armed forces and associated agencies, proven professionals who bring their expertise to the organisation.

The Interforce pass/fail training program is delivered by Police and Home Office approved trainers, it is an annually accredited course to ensure fitness and skill levels are maintained to our very high standards and allows us to refresh and introduce new training to address emerging threats.
Training areas include;

  • Policy and Procedures
  • Safeguarding and Equality and Diversity
  • Law, Legislation, Accountability, Powers of Arrest, Searching
  • Behaviour Detection and Counter Terrorism awareness
  • Crowd Dynamics and Crowd Entry and Exit tactics
  • Public Order Manoeuvres
  • Crime Scene Management and supporting victims of crime
  • Paired and multi officer tactics to deal with violent individuals and groups including non-compliant restraint and arrest procedures

Special Police Services and Interforce

It is common to see Special Police Services at private/public events with large crowds or perceived risk such as sporting or music festivals. Other infrastructures also pay for Special Police Services and although charges vary between force area they remain costly.

Built into security plans, Interforce can support organisations in reducing police numbers and costs whilst maintaining police aligned skill and reassurance through its trained and prepared officers on the ground.

The collaboration between Interforce, its Clients and Police aims to build and strengthen relationships, ensuring a joined up multi-agency approach to public safety and crime prevention.