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Security without compromise

When your looking to safeguard your event, organisation, or operation, standard measures may not provide effective capabilities. In an environment where incidents can escalate quickly, the right response by the right people with the right training matters.

Bridge the gap with Interforce between standard security and the police. 

Your partners in public safety and crime prevention


With your safety as our priority, our officers provide visible presence across all venues. 

This deters threats and offers public reassurance and protection.


At Interforce, our focus is on prevention. Our Response Officers are more than a just presence. 

With vigilance and specialised training they prevent criminal activities before they start. 


When security incidents arise, prompt and effective response is key. 

Our officers are trained and equipped to handle incidents, breaches, and unforeseen situations swiftly.


Your safety and assets are paramount. Our response officers specialise in safeguarding everything from public spaces, sensitive operations and real estate.

We go beyond standard security, offering advanced Manned Security and Response Team Solutions that meet the demands of modern-day risks and challenges.

Safety first. Safety by design.

You can’t always predict incidents. But you can be prepared for them. 

  • High visibility patrol and response 
  • Challenging behaviour management
  • First person on scene
  • Violent Persons Incidents
  • Safeguarding teams including young
    persons and children
  • Restraint trained and qualified
    (including use of hand-cuffs)
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Site evictions
  • Behaviour profiling
  • Crime Scene Management support

Be prepared. Partner with Interforce.

Your safety is
our priority

Interforce provides professional public safety and crime prevention security services, deploying trained officers skilled in handling anti-social and challenging behaviours, safeguarding vulnerable persons, counter-terrorism, and much more.

Anticipate threats proactively with effective security measures
…not just reactive responses.

  • Rest assured knowing your surroundings are safeguarded by trained security professionals.

  • Minimise the occurrence of criminal activities while swiftly addressing challenging behavioursExperience smooth operational flow or event execution with advanced security plans.Ensure the safety of all attendees, including vulnerable individuals and minors.

  • Experience smooth operational flow or event execution with advanced security plans.

  • Ensure the safety of all attendees, including vulnerable individuals and minors.

Take the first step toward a safer, more protected environment, today.

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