Who is Interforce?

Interforce stands as a specialist security provider, offering a diverse range of services aimed at optimising public safety and crime prevention. From executive-level consultancy to highly trained frontline officers, Interforce is dedicated to safeguarding communities and spaces.

Developed over years of experience, Interforce, boasts a workforce comprised of frontline professionals and seasoned executives hailing from law enforcement, armed forces, and affiliated agencies.

What Sets Us Apart?

Diverging from traditional security paradigms, Interforce officers undergo specilist training and are equipped to a heightened level of operational readiness, strategically designed to proactively mitigate risks and effectively respond to incidents of crime, anti-social behaviour, and challenging behaviour.

Our Purpose:

At Interforce, our mission is clear: to provide strategic and adaptable solutions that prioritise safety and security. Our team of experienced, accredited officers works collaboratively with clients and partners to bolster resilience and enhance capabilities on the ground across various sectors.

Why Choose Interforce?

For those tasked with safety and security, Interforce offers a compelling proposition. Our executive teams, boasting senior law enforcement backgrounds and operational expertise, are primed to guide you on integrating Interforce solutions to fortify your plans and bolster ground-level capabilities.

With specialised training that surpasses industry standards and aligns with police protocols, Interforce officers are adept at managing dynamic risks and responding to situations beyond the scope of conventional security personnel. Our tactical training and stringent standards position Interforce as a trailblazer in risk management.

Trained to Be Different:

Interforce officers are not your average security personnel. Professionally trained and thoroughly vetted, our recruitment process attracts seasoned professionals from law enforcement, armed forces, and related fields, bringing a wealth of expertise to our organisation.

Our pass/fail training program, overseen by Police and Home Office-approved trainers, undergoes annual accreditation to ensure our officers maintain peak fitness and skill levels. This commitment to excellence enables us to continually address emerging threats and uphold the highest standards of service delivery.

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