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Not your typical manned security guards

At Interforce, we redefine manned security service standards. So, our trained Interforce officers are not your typical security guards. They deliver a higher level of operational readiness, a commitment to safeguarding, and a dedication to keeping your people and assets safe.

Why Choose Interforce Manned Guards?

  • Highly Trained Personnel:

Our manned guarding services feature trained professionals equipped with the skills and expertise to handle diverse security challenges effectively, whilst delivering high-level front-of-house customer support. Their competency and efficiency in response, from Hi-Visible patrols to high-stress incidents, reflect our deep commitment to ensuring safety and crime prevention

  • Proactive Security Measures

We implement proactive security strategies to anticipate and prevent security breaches, ensuring the safety and protection of your premises, assets, and personnel. We tirelessly work to create a safer environment for you, effectively reducing the chances of incidents

  • Customised Security Solutions

Our manned guarding solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each client, providing a personalised approach to security management. We collaborate with you to develop customised security plans that align with your specific objectives, risks, and budget constraints.

  • Surveillance Capabilities

With advanced surveillance technologies and vigilant monitoring, our manned guards can maintain constant observation to detect and deter potential threats in real-time using latest equipment as part of our overall security delivery.

  • Responsive Incident Management

In the event of security incidents or emergencies, our manned guards are trained to respond swiftly and effectively, minimising risks and finding positive resolutions Our response security teams excel in managing incidents, equipped to tackle everything from anti-social behaviour to violent person situations.

Your partners in public safety and crime prevention


With your safety as our priority, our officers provide visible presence across all venues. 

This deters threats and offers public reassurance and protection.


At Interforce, our focus is on prevention. Our Response Officers are more than a just presence. 

With vigilance and specialised training they prevent criminal activities before they start. 


When security incidents arise, prompt and effective response is key. 

Our officers are trained and equipped to handle incidents, breaches, and unforeseen situations swiftly.


Your safety and assets are paramount. Our response officers specialise in safeguarding everything from public spaces, sensitive operations and real estate.

We go beyond standard security, offering advanced Manned Security and Response Team Solutions that meet the demands of modern-day risks and challenges.

Safety first. Safety by design.

You can’t always predict incidents. But you can be prepared for them. 

  • High visibility patrol and response¬†
  • Challenging behaviour management
  • First person on scene
  • Violent Persons Incidents
  • Safeguarding teams including young
    persons and children
  • Restraint trained and qualified
    (including use of hand-cuffs)
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Site evictions
  • Behaviour profiling
  • Crime Scene Management support

Be prepared. Partner with Interforce.

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Enhance your security and safety plans, with Interforce